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DigiMax Global Solutions Provides 2021 Q1 Corporate Review and Q2 Outlook


DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions Inc. o/a DigiMax Global Solutions (CNSX:DIGI), a company that provides artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency technology solutions to individuals and SME’s, is pleased to provide a corporate review for Q1 and an outlook for the company in Q2.

DigiMax continues to gain momentum in executing its strategy and growing its footprint within the artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency markets. After completing two financings, the Company is fully capitalized for the foreseeable future and is significantly expanding its platform through enhanced product development; commercialization and growth of the Company’s cryptocurrency price trend indicator; and, expansion of the Projected Personality Interpreter in tandem with its IBM Watson AI prediction solutions. The company is also advancing new products to be launched in Q3 and Q4, and entertaining new external growth opportunities through potential joint ventures and acquisitions.

Q1 Review

The Company is pleased to share its corporate advancements and achievements over the last quarter, with major highlights including:

  • Completion of an oversubscribed $5,000,000 private placement
  • Completion of $13,200,000 financing led by prominent New York cryptocurrency investment bank, H.C. Wainwright & Co.
  • Appointment of artificial intelligence solution pioneer and engineering expert, Thierry Hubert, as Chief Technology Officer
  • Appointment of David Bhumgara, CPA, CA with over 25 years of senior management experience, as Chief Financial Officer
  • Appointment of experienced attorney, business advisor and well-connected NYC business leader, Eric S. Lerner, to the Board of Directors
  • Launch of cryptocurrency price trend prediction application, CryptoDivine
  • Signing of a new contract to provide Projected Personality Interpreter (“PPI”) Solution to Shepherd Search Group – one of the fastest-growing global recruitment firms
  • Planned expansion of the company’s partnership with IBM Watson AI and IBM Cloud

CryptoDivine Price-Trend Prediction Solution

In late February, the Company completed the initial launch of its CryptoDivine.ai price-trend prediction platform that allows both experienced and novice investors to gain a competitive advantage when trading Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Company’s proprietary algorithm, and the nature of machine learning reinforcement, perpetually re-calibrates itself to improve accuracy. Important features such as text message alerts and a more friendly user interface have also been rolled out since the initial launch.

The company expects to add new functionality such as improved charting, relevant market intelligence, and advanced market gauges in Q2 to improve user notification preferences, experience and adoption, with IOS and Android applications to be released shortly thereafter. The company plans to increase the price of this solution to $99 per month and offer annual subscriptions upon the launch of the new functionality. Feedback from existing users has been very strong with suggestions users have profited multiple times the monthly fee.

Resulting from the marketing efforts and ever-growing viral communication, the company has seen sustained growth in subscribers. Despite most social media platforms applying additional scrutiny to cryptocurrency advertisements, we are pleased to report that we are overcoming this constraint and that approvals are underway. Consequently, the Company does anticipate significant growth in global subscribers going forward.

“I firmly believe that blockchain for cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence are the most significant innovations the world has seen since the advent of the Internet. It brings to life a transformative social contract that opens new and unforeseen opportunities. The estimated 64 million crypto-wallets in existence are demonstrative of such a decentralized, yet coordinated, empowerment. Here is where our evolving AI-powered solution offers new and savvy investors timely price-trend predictions by helping them gain confidence and a competitive edge with their investing,” commented DigiMax Global Solutions Chief Technology Officer Thierry Hubert.

Projected Personality Interpreter (“PPI”) Solution

The Company announced that its subsidiary DataNavee signed an agreement to provide its comparative personality analytics solution to Shepherd Search Group, a consortium made up of ten different recruitment brands across four continents serving more than sixteen industries. Shepherd is a world leader in its recruiting and this agreement is an important milestone in the expansion of the company’s solution into this fast-growing market segment. According to Industry Ark, Artificial Intelligence (AI) use in the Recruitment Market was valued at $580 million in 2019, estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.76% up until 2025. The growing demand for predictive analytics is an important part of the recruitment process and is enhancing the adoption of artificial intelligence technology.

The company’s PPI solution leverages the power of IBM’s Watson AI to analyze the personality, emotional state, and social connections of new recruits. This product is currently in use by 17 Police Forces across North America to augment and enhance police recruitment and to ensure optimal hiring practices. The Company’s AI algorithm analyzes responses across 52 different traits and compares those scores to a baseline providing hiring managers with a comprehensive report improving the hiring process for companies.

Corporate Branding Efforts

The Company has also been investing in a more cohesive branding presence that will form the foundation of its global growth. This has included the commencement of a much broader marketing effort for CryptoDivine, and will envelop new product offerings as they are released.

“We have made tremendous progress this year and the $18,300,000 in new financing provides us with the capital needed to expand our product development and marketing efforts and allows us to develop and/or acquire strategic technologies that can further spur growth,” commented Chief Executive Officer and Director Chris Carl. “Building off of the many accomplishments of Q1, in Q2 we will continue to execute our strategy and work towards delivering several new and innovative solutions to our customers that will provide multiple Revenue and EBITDA growth opportunities for the company.”

Q2 Outlook

The company is starting the second quarter having internally advanced several of its new initiatives that should start to be completed in the near future. Shareholders can expect to see several milestones achieved in the coming quarter including:

  • Substantially increased subscriber numbers for CryptoDivine
  • Several new valuable functions being added to CryptoDivine
  • Additional customer and partner relationships for PPI
  • One or more new accretive business ventures or acquisitions
  • One or more additional Directors
  • Details regarding a new SaaS platform offering to commence in Q3

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