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Khiron staffer takes pride in her and her employer’s accomplishments

Not only has Tatiana Sanchez risen quickly from the role of receptionist to become a valued member of Khiron’s consumer packaged goods team, her mother will become one of the first chronic pain patients in the company’s newest clinic.

“It touches my heart,” said Sanchez when talking about how Khiron will be able to soothe her mother’s pain with their medical cannabis products. She’s equally proud at how working at Khiron has changed her own life.

She was first hired at Khiron as a receptionist, but her life changed when the company held an employee contest that asked staff to create videos praising the benefits of Kuida, their signature cosmeceutical product line. 

“One of the managers of the Kuida brand team saw the video and saw a lot of potential in me and decided to offer me a role in her team as a coordinator,” said Sanchez. “She probably saw something in me that I didn’t know I had.”

Her talents quickly earned her a promotion to manage the sales force selling Kuida, a product line that takes the CBD from cannabis and uses highly specialized cosmetic active skin care ingredients, turning them into CBDERM®, a unique technology that provides a potent antioxidant action on the skin.

Today, she works in Khiron [KHRN] consumer packaged goods group and is in charge of promotional events in Colombia and other international markets where they sell their cannabis-based products. Khiron already has access to the U.S. consumer market and will soon expand into Europe. This growth will ultimately lead to more good-quality jobs, like that enjoyed by Sanchez, not only in Colombia, but around the world.

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