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Chapman: Why did google buy a less than fit brand?

Google‘s acquisition of Fitbit is brilliant and plays to the new space race. It’s not planetary, or planograms, or a restaurant securing the sunny corner. This space race is to secure prime ‘app’ positioning earned through value and frequency of use. The reward is monetizing the hyper-personalized data.

Fitbit primary application is to quantify steps. A user frequently checks progress throughout the day and can even gamify against others. However, with #Google it’s potential is endless.

#Fitbit can ladder into personalized health care, insurance or loyalty discounts for a healthier lifestyle. Telemedicine, prescriptions, buying supplements, even food.

Exercise clubs, bikes, adventure tourism, sneakers and lots of other ‘bits’.

Fitbit extensions – smart pillows, pollution reader, Fitbit of fun family challenges, entire town challenges. Why not a concierge with immediate access to online healthcare, calibrated to your ‘up to the second’ fit health records?

Three rockets Google, Amazon and Alibaba Group, one space race, and one essential question for existing businesses. Who owns the customer relationship?

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