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Invest where the consumer is moving, and not where they have been

Six words once defined capitalism — they who shouted the loudest wins. The spoils were earned by those who created scale to enjoy a cost advantage, and share of voice with their distribution and marketing impressions. It was the golden age of ‘one size fits all’ brand building, and billions of dollars in goodwill, and shareholder value made their way onto balance sheets.

Today mass had moved to my. Consumers no longer identify with mass brands and instead seek brands with values and purpose, or with a personality that is contemporary and one that reflects the zeitgeist.
Zeitgeist means the spirit of the time, and today, with social media so predominant, that spirit is satire. Brands use memes, spoofs, humor, and irony, to hijack topical issues to draw attention. The best steal the spotlight.
One of the best examples, ever, is with Aviation Gin, owned by Davos Brands and Canadian Actor Ryan Reynolds, who owns a stake in the brand. Reynolds is one of many celebrities who are waking up to the fact that it is better to own your supper, than to sing for it. 

Last week Peloton Interactive was skewered in social media when they launched an advertisement that portrayed a ‘Peloton Bike Wife’, played by actress Monica Ruiz, as “changed” after a year of riding her exercise bike, gifted to her by her husband.

Aviation Gin and Reynolds, capitalized with speed and creativity hiring Monica Ruiz with an ad titled “The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back”, a riff on Peloton’s commercial, which is called “The Gift That Gives Back.”

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