An Inside Look at Revitalist’s ’21 Summary

Revitalist, a publicly owned company that trades on the CNSX under the symbol of CALM, recently provided a year-end summary.  The company’s ’21 results are a bullish sign for its future in the short-term and also across posterity.  Below, we provide psychedelics investors with all the details from Revitalist’s year-end summary.

Facts And Figures

Revitalist’s brass reports its patient visits increased by 5,000 in the prior year.  This increase represents a 128% increase from ’20 to ’21.  The publicly traded company ramped up the scaling of its operations in ’21, finishing the year with a total of seven clinics that serve patients with unique treatment modalities.   All in all, Revitalist’s sales jumped by an unaudited total of $2,200,000, equating to a 110% increase on a year over year basis.  

Revitalist’s Expansion Continues

Revitalist began the year with a single clinic under operation yet finished with more than half a dozen clinics spaced out across four states.  The company’s January ’22 announcements were highlighted by the opening of another clinic in the beltway along with the acquisition of Jacksonville-based clinic assets. These additions brought Revitalist’s clinic total to nine spanning a total of six states.  

Revitalist also signed agreements in ’21 to secure the option of opening an additional nine clinics throughout the United States across the ensuing three years.  Revitalist’s leadership is also proud to announce patient coverage with Medicare and additional insurance providers throughout the year.  Furthermore, the company’s leaders announced it will establish several strategic collaborations including alliances with the United States Veterans Affairs and multiple clinical study partners.

Revitalist’s leadership also deserves credit for establishing a 60% interest in Revitaland Meta Tech for the expansion of virtual clinics throughout the metaverse.  The company’s presence in the metaverse will be referred to as Revitaland.  These virtual clinics will empower patients to tap into the expertise of clinicians who are not located in their vicinity.  These interactions will occur in real time.

Though Revitaland is certainly a gamble, it is one worth taking as the metaverse is poised to explode in popularity in the years ahead.  This virtual reality will consist of three-dimensional landscapes and simulations that empower users to interact with one another through digital avatars, purchase virtual land, trade virtual goods and partake in shared experiences despite their distant locations.

Acclaim For The Revitalist Team

The CEO of Revitalist, Kathryn Walker, was awarded the Microdose Entrepreneur of the Year this past November.  The award was presented at Wonderland: Miami, the world’s largest event covering the business of psychedelic medicine.

Revitalist was highlighted in a Forbes article that detailed the company’s holistic approach to treating patients with ketamine.  It is also worth mentioning Clarus Securities initiated coverage on Revitalist in the fall of ’21, setting a Buy rating for the company with a target price of $1.50 per share.  

Revitalist Continues To Raise Capital

Revitalist’s executives convinced financiers to provide a whopping $11,000,000 of capital in the year gone by.  The final $3,000,000 of financing wrapped up in the fall of ’21.  Add in the fact that Revitalist started trading as a publicly owned company on the Canadian Securities Exchange with the symbol of CALM in the prior year and there is even more reason for investors to be bullish about its future.  Germany investors can also purchase shares of the company through the Frankfurt stock Exchange using the symbol of OTCQB.

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