Mydecine’s Files Patent For Psilocin Analog Families

Mydecine’s brass is in the news for moving forward with the filing of a full patent application pertaining to several families of psilocin analogs. Mydecine (MYCOF) is currently an over-the-counter (OTC) stock.  The company’s move to obtain full patent application for psilocin analogs represents an important step in its quest to become a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ exchange.  Those interested in psychedelic investing should take note of this important advancement.  

Though Mydecine is currently a penny stock, it is making progress toward garnering attention from the mainstream investing media in the financial quarters ahead.  Here’s a quick look at Mydecine’s progress in advancing psychedelic treatments and the company’s latest appointee to its Board of Directors.

Mydecine Background

Mydecine is a biotech and digital tech business striving to change the manner in which mental health and addiction is treated.  The company’s recent announcement of its filing for a full patent application spanning several psilocin analog families includes solutions for addressing challenges in the context of delivery control as well as the shelf stability of the active metabolite within psilocybin, known as psilocin.  

The oral ingestion of psilocybin has a unique onset time based on the biochemistry of each individual patient.  This variance in onset time makes it challenging to standardize necessary protocols and facilitate the scaling of patient treatment.  The objective of Mydecine’s dermal method for psilocin use is to overcome challenges in terms of controllability.  

Mydecine currently has an enhanced prodrug that is patent pending.  The hope is that there will be additional control of the drug and the eradication of patient side effects including nausea.  This feat will likely be accomplished by avoiding the digestive system altogether.

The Issue of Shelf Stability

Mydecine is addressing psilocybin’s shelf stability with the use of stabilized analogs, setting the stage for a drug that adheres to all regulatory requirements and proves safe for medical use.  The company will also provide access to sources pertaining to psilocin potency, accessible to all physicians.  

The overarching aim of generating such enhanced compounds is to create much more effective and safer treatments for patients.  The objective of filing the full patent application for psilocin families is to guide this psychedelic treatment modality to the mainstream of the medical industry for widespread use by those battling anxiety, depression, PTSD and mental illness.

Mydecine’s Latest Appointee 

Mydecine was also in the news this past week for a notable appointee.  The company announced the appointment of Dr. Saeid Babaei, PhD to the company’s Board of Directors.  Dr. Babaei has decades of experience, with a focus in guiding drug products through the stages of early development all the way to the point of commercialization on the market.  He has spearheaded several drugs from initial development to late-stage development and commercialization.  

Dr. Babaei’s track record of business success will help Mydecine bring its psychedelic treatments to the market as quickly as possible.  Stay tuned to The Dales Report for additional breaking news on Mydecine and other publicly traded companies working hard to make psychedelic treatment modalities socially and medically acceptable.

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