Revitalist Clinic Visits Spike Nearly 300% In January

Revitalist Lifestyle and Wellness announced this morning its clinic visits skyrocketed in the month of January.  The company reports a jump in client visits of 273% in the first month of the year.  To provide more context, this figure is a comparison between January of the current year and January of 2021.  The increase in client visits is partially the result of the company scaling its operations across the prior year.  The increase in patient visits will likely continue as the company enhances its operations and advertising in the months ahead.  

(Graphic: Business Wire)

Psychedelics Investors Should Pay Attention To Revitalist

Revivalist’s success is certainly important for its brass and employees yet there is also an opportunity for psychedelics investors to make money from the company’s stock.  Revitalist Lifestyle and Wellness is traded on the CSE under the symbol of CALM.  The stock is also available on the OTCQB under the symbol of RVLWF and the FSE under the symbol of 4DO.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Kathryn Walker, commented on the significant hike in monthly visits on a year over year basis from this January compared to the last.  Her statement touched on the fact that eight Revitalist clinics accepted new patients in January of 2022.  All in all, the month of January represents the company’s highest historical patient count on a monthly basis.  Walker’s statement also touches on the fact that the company’s translational medicine strives to boost worldwide healthcare.  Her hope is that the increase in patient visits serves as a meaningful gauge of progress toward the overarching aim of improving the human condition of patients located in countries throughout the world.  

Though Revitalist is certainly in business to make money, it also provides meaningful mental health treatments that improve patient quality of life.  Walker went on to express her gratitude to the Revitalist team for their tireless work.  She highlighted how her team’s efforts have made significant headway in providing elite treatments to patients in need.  The statement ended with Walker emphasizing how she will now shift her attention to solidifying Revitalist’s brand within the marketplace.

Psychedelics Investors Are Encouraged To Learn More About Revitalist

Revitalist investors and those who have been patiently waiting on the sidelines prior to establishing a position will find it interesting to know that the company has clinics in operation throughout the country.  Revitalist will continue to expand operations across posterity.  It is interesting to note the company’s corporate headquarters is in the politically red city and state of Knoxville, Tennessee.  This fact is somewhat surprising considering Revitalist is demonstrating irreverence for convention in the context of medical care.  The company’s treatment modalities include but are not limited to ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, sparavato – esketamine, IV ketamine infusions, vitamin infusions and transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Revitalist clinics debuted in 2018.  The company has since provided patients in need with thousands of infusions, helping individuals suffering from conditions that proved resistant to conventional treatment modalities.  The company has assisted those with suicidal ideation, depression, significant pain and a wide array of other mental health challenges.  Revitalist’s overarching goal is to help patients achieve “total wellness” with unconventional treatments that aren’t normative within the context of medicine at the current moment yet will likely spill directly into the industry’s mainstream in the years ahead.

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