AI Cracks UK Murder: Time to consider investing in Gorilla Tech?

TDR Three Takeaways:

  1. AI’s Role in Solving Crime: Gorilla Technology’s AI was key in solving a London murder, highlighting AI’s impact in law enforcement.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency in Investigations: Their AI solution significantly sped up the analysis process, aiding in a swift conviction.
  3. Investment Prospect: Gorilla Technology shows potential for stock value growth, marked by strong sales and strategic partnerships.

Gorilla Technology Group Inc. (NASDAQCM:GRRR) from the UK has played a pivotal role in a high-profile murder investigation in London. Their AI-based edge video analytics and IoT technologies were instrumental in assisting the Metropolitan Police Service to solve the murder case of Susan Hawkey in Neasden, UK as highlighted in the companies press release.

The case, which involved extensive and diverse video footage, saw Gorilla’s Post Event based Smart Policing Solution expedite the analysis process. This AI-driven system proved crucial in examining thousands of hours of evidence, identifying, categorizing, and reconstructing events from various locations, and pinpointing people of interest with remarkable precision.

Phil Clarke, Detective Inspector at the London Metropolitan Police Service, lauded the AI investigation solution for its significant impact. The advanced AI and rapid reviewing tools brought unprecedented precision and insight, considerably reducing the time needed to gather essential evidence, ultimately contributing to a successful conviction. This collaboration between Gorilla and the London Metropolitan Police Service exemplifies a shared commitment to fostering safer communities through innovative technology.

Will Addison, VP of Innovation & Growth EMEA at Gorilla Technology, expressed satisfaction with the AI system’s performance in the investigation. He emphasized the integral role video footage often plays in criminal investigations and how the Post Event solution not only aided in delivering justice but also brought efficiencies to the Metropolitan Police Service’s operations. The success story of the Post Event solution is a testament to the potential of AI tools in enhancing law enforcement capabilities, saving critical hours and resources in live investigations and evidence preparation for court proceedings.

Gorilla Technology Group Inc., headquartered in London, is a global provider in various sectors including Security Intelligence, Network Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and IoT technology. The company offers solutions across various verticals like government, public services, manufacturing, and more. Gorilla’s vision of empowering a connected tomorrow through innovative technologies aims to bridge gaps and inspire progress in an era of digital empowerment.

So, what about the stock?

Historically, this company’s performance might not seem overly impressive, reflecting common hurdles faced by growing tech firms: the need to increase revenues and continually strengthen the balance sheet with fresh capital until reaching a tipping point. However, this tipping point now appears imminent. This quarter, a strong sales pipeline is emerging, marked by new partnerships with Redhat, Lanner, Protactic, and Infosec Global. Additionally, the company is bolstering its balance sheet by offering convertible preferred stock instead of accruing debt, further boosting sales and development efforts. At this juncture, the company presents a compelling narrative worth close examination. We’re considering initiating equity research on this firm, contingent on its progression beyond the tipping point.

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