AI News Today – July 3rd, 2024

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Google Emissions Surge Amid AI Infrastructure Expansion

Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) emissions surged to 14.3 million tonnes of carbon equivalent in 2023, marking a 48% increase since 2019, driven by the expansion of AI infrastructure. Data center electricity consumption rose by 17%, contributing to 7-10% of global data center electricity usage. Despite these challenges, Google remains committed to its 2030 net-zero target, focusing on clean energy deals, AI-enabled climate solutions, and carbon removal efforts. The increase in emissions underscores the environmental impact of growing AI capabilities and the need for sustainable practices. Read all about it on the TDR Website!

Washington Social Media Post AI-Generated

A social media post by a Washington official was discovered to be AI-generated, raising concerns about the authenticity of political communications. Authorities are now scrutinizing the use of AI in official channels to maintain trust and transparency.

AI Weapons in the Ukraine War

AI-powered weapons are increasingly used in the Ukraine conflict, enhancing precision but raising ethical and control concerns. These advanced systems demonstrate significant impacts on modern warfare strategies and international regulations are being discussed.

Finding GPT-4’s Mistakes with GPT-4

OpenAI introduced CriticGPT, a model that identifies mistakes in ChatGPT’s responses, improving error detection by over 60%. This tool helps human trainers enhance the accuracy of AI outputs, marking a step forward in AI model alignment and reliability.

$85M Seed Investment in Sentient

Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund led an $85 million seed round for Sentient, an open-source AI platform. This investment underscores the growing interest in open-source AI solutions and their potential to democratize AI technology.

TikTok Developing AI Chatbot ‘Genie’:

TikTok is working on ‘Genie,’ an AI chatbot designed to enhance user interactions on the platform. This development aims to improve user engagement and provide personalized content recommendations.

Economist Warns of AI Stock Bubble

Economist Ed Yardeni cautions that AI stocks might be entering a bubble phase, comparing investor enthusiasm to “drinking the Kool-Aid.” He advises caution, suggesting that inflated valuations could lead to market instability.

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