AI News Today – June 19th, 2024

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McDonald’s Ends AI Drive-Thru Test After Operational Challenges

McDonald’s has announced the termination of its AI drive-thru test due to significant operational issues and frequent order errors. The AI system, intended to streamline order-taking, often misinterprets customer requests, leading to frustration and inefficiencies. This decision underscores the challenges of implementing advanced technology in fast-food environments, prioritizing consistent and reliable customer service over potential AI automation benefits. Read all about it on the TDR Website!

NVIDIA Becomes the World’s Largest Company

NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) has surged to become the world’s largest firm, fueled by a strong rally in the AI sector. The company’s market capitalization has surpassed previous leaders, driven by advancements in AI technology and increasing demand for AI-related products.

Survey Shows AI-Created News Faces Skepticism

The survey conducted by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism on Monday reveals that audiences are increasingly suspicious of news created using AI. Concerns about the authenticity and potential biases in AI-generated content are prevalent among respondents.

NVIDIA’s Visual AI Advancements

At the CVPR conference, NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) presented breakthroughs in visual AI, including new models for image generation, 3D scene editing, and autonomous vehicle perception. Highlights include techniques for rapid customization of diffusion models and new foundation models for object tracking in videos.

Ukraine Utilizes AI for Landmine Removal

Ukraine is employing AI technology to manage the removal of Russian landmines. The innovative use of AI helps in detecting and safely disposing of these dangerous devices, enhancing the safety and efficiency of demining efforts.

Cohere Co-Founder on AI Doomsday Scenarios

Cohere’s co-founder expressed skepticism about AI leading to sci-fi doomsday scenarios. Emphasizing practical applications, he highlighted the current capabilities of AI and the need to focus on realistic advancements rather than speculative fears.

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