A Behind The Scenes Look As Curaleaf Lists On TSX

Curaleaf began trading under the ticker symbol CURA on the TSX December 14, 2023. Today, we meet up with Shadd Dales and Boris Jordan, Chairman of Curaleaf, and take you behind the scenes of that journey to list on the TSX. It’s a peek behind the curtain at what might be the next major MSO in this industry taking its first steps into what will be an exciting journey into 2024.

Tune in for this exclusive discussion between Shadd and Boris Jordan as they walk downtown Toronto. You’ll hear about the process towards listing and explore the impact of that TSX listing can have on industry growth. The TSX was a big step because it enhanced investor access and increased liquidity. Boris explains the strategic advantages that the company is now privy to, including the potential for large-scale institutional investments and joining significant indices such as the MSCI and ETF next index.

2024 won’t be exciting for Curaleaf only because of this TSX listing; there’s the potential for a lot of activity to happen on American soil if rescheduling manages to happen. We’ll chat about what the near future might have in store for cannabis companies, should some of those things begin occurring.

Boris also talks about early conversations with the TSX and how he has witnessed the evolution of perceptions toward cannabis and the industry. Challenges and opportunities in institutional investments and the potential return of major players are also examined. Gain a glimpse into Boris’ experiences overseeing a global business, navigating the transition from private to public, and strategically positioning in key European markets like Poland.

With the end of 2023 here, and as we approach the anticipated year of growth in 2024, will we see some exciting developments in New York, Maryland, Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania? Don’t miss this candid discussion between Boris Jordan of Curaleaf and Shadd.

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