A State Of The Union On Cannabis Stocks

Trade To Black dives into the State of the Union on cannabis in our latest Wednesday podcast. We know that news is coming; it’s just a matter of when. Tune in as we discuss the significant developments in the industry—starting from the HHS’s recommendation to reclassify marijuana, through the high-profile lawsuit by U.S. cannabis operators against the Attorney General, to the tumultuous path of the SAFE Banking Act.

Kicking off Into The Wire, GUAP, Anthony and Shadd talk Curaleaf, who just released their latest earnings.  Among the highlights, they achieved an adjusted EBITDA of $83m. This represents 24% of their revenue, and indicates a 490 basis point improvement over the previous year. Cash flow over the year has been significant, amounting to $91m from continuing operations. We’ll go into more depth in the video.

Rumors, rumors, more rumors. The word “rescheduling” was tossed around a lot in January, along with the word “imminent.” Here we are, five weeks later, with no rescheduling news and worse—mentions that it also won’t be happening this month. Maybe it’ll be April, or May. Hear our thoughts and reactions to the news. We certainly know how the market is reacting to it. Still, there’s reasons to maintain some optimism. Here’s why.

The market might be uncertain towards cannabis at the moment, but crypto is going strong. BTC hit an all time high of 69k, and Ethereum is doing well too. Can a lot of this be attributed to the ETFs? We’ll take a look at some of the charts.

Watch this State Of The Union and uncover how these key events are reshaping cannabis stocks in America, marking a pivotal moment in history and the future. We’ve also got quite the lineup coming up over the next two weeks, so be sure to like and follow. You won’t want to miss any episodes.

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