An In-Depth Conversation With The Marimed Executive Team

Welcome to our latest TDR Cannabis Exclusive. This week, we’re on location in Massachusetts at MariMed, meeting with the whole executive team. We’re going to spend this episode getting to know the company’s growth and accomplishments through the years with their competent leaders.

Many cannabis companies have been struggling, but MariMed Inc (OTCMKTS: MRMD) has been doing some fantastic things in the news, especially recently. Viridian only just said this week that MariMed was one of the MSOs in the US in their top three credit scores list. Chief Financial Officer Susan Villare updated us on their Q1 earnings report in May when they had 13 consecutive quarters of positive adjusted EBITDA.

They have a solid record of meeting consumer’s standards and delivering top-notch product quality. Quality and their company’s core values and disciplines are clearly giving MariMed their market edge. Tune in to hear about MariMed Inc’s company culture and mission.

We will be diving deeper into MariMed’s expertise in the cannabis industry in this podcast. Along the way, we’ll be asking some hard questions. How is the company is rising above the rest in this volatile market? How do these leaders strategize to face the current challenges in the cannabis industry?

It’s clear that they know exactly what differentiates them from other companies competing with them in the market. The exec team will be sharing their approaches with us, explaining what is beating the challenges that are defeating many of their competitors. They’ll also tell us all about their branding strategies and winning business model.

This is one Cannabis Exclusive you don’t want to miss out on. Choosing effective and efficient leaders has an impact that can’t be denied. Join us as we recognize the strengths of the executive team who has been instrumental in mapping out MariMed’s strategic climb to success.

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