Anthony Coniglio Explains The Impact of Interest Rates on REITs

We’re back with another Cannabis Exclusive on The Dales Report. In this episode, we are joined by the CEO of NewLake Capital Partners, Anthony Coniglio. NewLake Capital is a leading cannabis net lease REIT, and Anthony has been growing businesses for more than 20 years. On the table for discussion today is the impact of interest rates, dividend consistency, investment preferences, share buybacks, and growth opportunities in cannabis REITs.

Coniglio is thrilled to see some momentum building in the cannabis space. The real estate model will benefit hugely from growth that might come along with the rescheduling, as infrastructure for both dispensaries and cultivation facilities is incredibly important to cannabis producers and resellers.

NewLake Capital is a company that maintains consistent dividends through a strong portfolio, efficient expense management, and continuous growth in new projects. Coniglio walks us through real estate investment in the industry and the investing opportunities that will come with cannabis industry growth.

We break down how higher interest rates affect cap rates in the cannabis industry and why we think capital costs won’t skyrocket like in the past. Discover NewLake Capital’s investment focus on cultivation for quicker returns compared to retail and approach to share buybacks, capturing value for shareholders and overcoming technical limitations that keep stock prices low. We’ll also compare them to IPR—another cannabis-focused REIT—and examine their approaches to sale-leaseback transactions in the cannabis sector.

Investors may want to explore the growth potential within REITs, particularly in private companies acquiring distressed assets to build well-performing portfolios. There’s a lot of opportunity if the buzz in Washington begins to deliver. It’s looking as though we could be up for an interesting fall season.

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