Big Data Gives Pelorus Equity Group An Advantage Over Lending Competitors

On this new TDR cannabis exclusive podcast, we talk with the Managing Partner of Pelorus Equity Group, Travis Goad. TDR caught up with Travis at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami, where the company took part in official events. On this episode, Travis elucidates further about the advantages Pelorus’ proprietary database is giving it over its competitors, owing to the meticulous insights the system is generating, and more.

On the subject of Big Data, the collection and deployment of such tools is a must in today’s world. ‘Big data’ refers to extremely large and complex sets of data that cannot be easily processed, managed or analyzed using traditional data processing tools and techniques. The term “big” refers not only to the size of the data sets but also to the velocity, variety, and veracity of the data. The more data gathered and analyzed, the more insightful conclusions the dataset will provide.

Such systems typically include various components such as database management software, user interfaces, data entry forms, data retrieval and reporting tools, and security features.

As we learn from Travis Goad—perhaps surprisingly—not everyone on the cannabis specialty-use lending side are employing these tools, much less have them. When asked by Shadd Dales whether such database origination was happening elsewhere, Mr. Goad responded, “I know everybody in the space and I know nobody is doing what we’re doing on the Fund management side. Travis Goad:

So, we are unique in the space. And I come from an institutional background—I saw the power of Big Data and what it can do. I was at a very large hedge fund in New York. And when we came to a new space where data doesn’t really exist, we said we have to go out and get data and then be able to turn around and analyze it. So, we launched a separate data company in 2020. We have a best-in-class data team. And we’re scraping data from about twenty different sources, and compiling it into a proprietary database that helps gives us an edge on the underwriting and deploying of capital... I know everybody in the space and I know nobody is doing what we’re doing on the Fund management side.

Such insights on the inner working of cannabis markets are extremely valuable. For example, the can help keep delinquent loans low by allowing Pelorus Equity Group to lend to only the highest-quality operators.

Ultimately, it allows the firm to deploy capital in the most beneficial situations—from originations to loan revisions and extensions.

Click on the embedded link to view more of our conversation with the Managing Partner of Pelorus Equity Group, Travis Goad, in his own words.

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