Brady Cobb Speaks On DOJ Memo Implications

Welcome to the Trade To Black podcast. We’ll diving into the most pressing headlines in the worlds of cannabis, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence (AI). Also in today’s riveting episode, we’re putting the spotlight on a game-changing development. Brady Cobb, Founder and CEO of Sunburn Cannabis, joins the podcast to talk with host Shadd Dales and millennial investor Anthony Varrell about the DOJ and a new cannabis policy that could change a lot.

Cannabis MSOs are continuing to move, and as Anthony said, it was a really good day in spite of the DOJ. Hear what happened in the markets.

Jumping Into The Wire, we talk about some of the big headlines. Curaleaf Holdings Inc is celebrating the commencement of adult use cannabis sales at its store in Hudson Valley, New York. The 3,500 sqft Hudson Valley location has been open since 2017 and servicing medical use patients in that time. Global X ETFs have decided to liquidate cannabis funds among a few others following an assessment. Hear our thoughts on this development.

Massachusetts has set a sales record for cannabis in the state and has reported that their total purchases in 2023 reached $1.8bn. $158.7m of those cannabis products were sold in the month of December alone. And the state of Missouri is feeling pretty good about $1.3bn sold last year in spite of some of the problems with rolling out adult use. We’ll talk about these numbers too.

In our interview, our guest, Brady Cobb, isn’t just part of Sunburn Cannabis’ leadership. He’s also an advocate, legal maverick, and political afficionado. That makes Brady Cobb an expert in talking about the Department of Justice (DOJ) and their new cannabis memo bombshell.

Join us as we dissect the implications, impact, and potential consequences of this pivotal decision. This policy change could reshape the cannabis landscape and affect businesses, consumers, and the legal framework.

Stay informed and engaged with the latest developments in the cannabis industry and beyond. Tune in to Trade To Black and stay ahead of the curve!

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