Cannabis Catalysts Ahead? TDR On Kamala Harris’ Video

TDR’s Trade To Black Podcast is back for another MSOS Monday. MSOS Monday features Dan Ahrens, the Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer of AdvisorShares ETFs, and you can find Dan with us every Monday to discuss MSOS stock analysis and key industry catalysts ahead. We’ll also take a look at VP Kamala Harris’ video on cannabis policy, released over the weekend.

Anthony Varrell and Shadd Dales start with unpacking Kamala Harris’ 60-second campaign video released on Friday afternoon. It touched very briefly on federal policy regarding cannabis, as Harris claimed, “President Biden and I… we changed federal marijuana policy, because nobody should have to go to jail just for smoking weed. Elections matter and we have more work to do.”

There’s a lot of furious rumors about what exactly this means, here and on socials, but many are wondering whether this confirms that there is an official statement about rescheduling on the way.

GUAP and Sammy Armenia also joins the TDR chat to speculate whether there’s any cannabis news of significance in the video, or whether Harris is just using talking points for eventual campaigning. We also have a look at how her statement impacted the market in its wake. Sammy Armenia, VP at C21 Investments, also weighs in on industry trends and Nevada’s tax changes.

Changing over to psychedelics news, there’s word on Lykos Therapeutics (formerly MAPS PBC) and their application to the FDA. Lykos recently announced that the FDA has accepted their new drug application (NDA). This officially kicks off the review process of their application for MDMA-assisted therapy. It’s a potentially historic approval, as not only is the FDA reviewing Lykos’ application, it’s also getting a priority review. Could be the dawn of a new era in PTSD treatment? We’ll have to wait and see what the FDA says.

Catch this news and more when you turn in to our MSOS Monday Trade To Black!

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