Cannabis Financial Reporting Calendar 2024

Cannabis Financial Reporting Calendar 2024

The TDR Three Takeaways:

  1. Monitor next quarter’s earnings for Cannabis companies with our detailed calendar.
  2. Stay updated on upcoming quarterly reporting timelines in the Cannabis industry.
  3. Access insightful analyses and research at TDR after each Cannabis company’s quarterly report.

At TDR, we are preparing for the upcoming earnings season of Cannabis companies. This season will primarily encompass the full-year figures for 2023 for most companies in this sector. The release schedule of these earnings diverges from those of larger-cap companies for three main reasons.

First, Cannabis companies listed on the TSX Venture, Canadian Stock Exchange, or the Over-the-Counter US market benefit from extended deadlines to report their year-end earnings. Second, these companies might not have fiscal year-ends aligned with the standard December 31st date common to most companies. Lastly, some Cannabis companies have adjusted their fiscal year-end this year, a change generally allowed once in a company’s lifetime, often driven by tax considerations.

Standard and Poor’s, our data service provider, presents estimates regarding the release dates of the next earnings for Cannabis companies. While these are not exact, they serve as a useful guide. Below is the latest estimated timeline for these earnings releases. We will deliver summaries of each company’s earnings as they are published. We will update this calendar each month on when the next date will be for a company’s earnings.

As Cannabis companies release their earnings, our focus will be on analyzing specific aspects for each company:

After the release of each company’s earnings, we will review their performance and keep our readers informed about how they fared. Additionally, we plan to provide formal investment research on these companies soon.

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