Cannabis News Today – June 10th, 2024

South Africa Legalizes Cannabis Use

South Africa has legalized the private use and cultivation of cannabis, making it the first African country to do so. The law doesn’t allow commercial sales, sparking debates on trade and regulation, while other African nations watch closely.

German Lawmakers Approve Cannabis Law Changes

The German lawmakers have approved significant changes to the cannabis legalization law, focusing on social clubs and impaired driving. The amendments aim to create a more regulated environment for cannabis use, ensuring safety and compliance with the law.

Florida Marijuana Legalization Gains Support

A recent poll reveals that Florida’s cannabis legalization ballot measure has more support than Governor DeSantis, who opposes it. The measure is set for the upcoming ballot and shows strong public backing, as reported by Marijuana Moment.

North Dakota Activists Push for Legalization

North Dakota marijuana activists have collected over half the required signatures to place a legalization measure on the November ballot. The initiative would allow adults to possess and grow cannabis, with further petitioning events planned, as reported by Marijuana Moment.

Federal Proposal to Ease Cannabis Regulations

The federal government has proposed a series of changes to marijuana regulations aimed at reducing the regulatory burden on the industry. These changes are intended to streamline operations and promote growth within the sector,as reported by BNN Bloomberg.

North Carolina Tribe Approves Adult-Use Marijuana Sales

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina has approved the sale of adult-use marijuana. This decision marks a significant step towards broader cannabis legalization within the state,,as reported by Marijuana Moment.

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