Cannabis Rescheduling: How Might It Impact NewLake Capital?

We have an exclusive interview for you on this episode of The Dales Report. Hosts Shadd Dales and Anthony Varrell speak with featured guest Anthony Coniglio, CEO of NewLake Capital Partners (OTC: NLCP) about the recent activity in the canna world and what might happen at NewLake if the US succeeds in rescheduling cannabis in 2024. Will rescheduling the drug from class I to III result in some growth?

A little on the company itself: NewLake Capital Partners is a leading provider of real estate capital to state-licensed cannabis operators. Their 2023 Q4 results came in with an impressive dividend yield of 12%. Other highlights include committed capital figures of $427 million and a property portfolio now that spans 31 properties in 12 states.

Examining some of the activity at the end of the year, there seems like there could be some big potential for cannabis in 2024. How will it pan out? We’ll discuss some of the trends and our predictions for this year.

Anthony Coniglio provides insights into the company’s growth strategy going into 2024. Their strategies include working on managing their portfolio risk, pursuing quality transactions, and further telling NewLake’s story to institutional investors to get them involved.

The hosts, together with Anthony Coniglio, will explore some must-know broader industry trends, including potential federal cannabis legislation, external market conditions that are impacting the canna sphere like interest rate cuts, and general predictions for NewLake Capital Partners’ growth in 2024 including how rescheduling may impact their strategies. They talk about opportunities in newly legal states like New York and Ohio, consolidation of licenses, and plans to combat the illicit market.

It’s an in-depth look at the cannabis real estate sector. Whether you’re an investor looking for dividend income or an operator needing customized sale-leaseback financing, this is a can’t miss discussion on the state of cannabis capital and what’s next for the industry. Be sure to tune in for all the details, right here on The Dales Report!


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