CEO Raj Grover On High Tide Record Q1 2024 And Strategy

As earnings season continues, we’re happy to bring a popular guest to TDR’s Trade To Black to talk about a big one. In this podcast, we interview Raj Grover, CEO of High Tide Inc (Nasdaq: HITI / TSX.V: HITI). With the guys, Raj Grover unpacks the highlights of their Q1 2024 report, including the news of record revenue.

To do a quick recap of the highlights of their Q1 2024 report, their revenue hit $128.m and an adjusted EBITDA of $10.4m. Both of these are record numbers for the company, with the revenue marking an 8% increase YOY. What else should investors note? Their net income for the quarter was break-even, a credit to their improved profitability and financial stability.

High Tide’s market presence and growth strategy is a big contributor to these numbers. In January, High Tide Inc launched their 163rd Canadian location and first Canna Cabanna store in Fort McMurray, AB. The company’s outlets held 19% of the retail market shares in Alberta and 9% in Ontario. In North America, they’re operating as the second largest retailer by store count.

Shadd, GUAP, and Anthony have an in-depth chat with Raj Grover. Raj, in fact, has given GUAP the green light to ask anything in this interview, so be sure to tune in. You’ll not just get the gist of High Tide’s Q1 earnings from Raj, you’ll hear about their strategic growth plans, and their outlook for 2024.

Raj Grover is keen to generate some new investor interest and keep the company growing. Don’t miss this in-depth discussion with Raj on the future of cannabis, High Tide’s market-leading strategies, and the potential impacts of federal rescheduling in the US. Also, be sure to visit our YouTube channel. Like and subscribe, so you never miss a new livestream of Trade To Black!

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