Colombian Ambassador To Mexico Acknowledges Regular Cannabis Use

By Lucía Tedesco via El Planteo—The Colombian Ambassador to Mexico, Moises Ninco Daza, supported the statements on marijuana made by Susana Gomez Castaño (better known as Susana Boreal), a member of the House of Representatives for Antioquia. At a round table for the regulation of cannabis for adult use led by congressman Alejandro Ocampo, she stated that she is a daily user of the plant.

Of course, the messages of acceptance and hate did not take long to arrive and “marihuanera” (or pothead, in English) became a trend on Twitter because of it.

Colombia’s Ambassador Defends Marijuana Use

The big surprise came from Colombia’s ambassador to Mexico.

“I am also a regular cannabis user. As bad as it may be for those who normalized bombing children and stigmatized smoking a joint. Decriminalization and regulation are fundamental parts of the change in drug policy. A priority task for Latin American politics,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

On the other hand, Senator María Fernanda Cabal expressed her opinion on the controversy, but with a very different position: “They need to stop talking about marijuana, it is addictive and interferes in the behavior and activities of consumers.” She then shared a series of articles that report on the effects of marijuana on active users, but nothing that contradicts Boreal’s statements, nor contradicts the arguments for the regulation of the adult use of cannabis.

What Does Regulation Of Adult-Use Cannabis In Colombia Entail?

The regulatory framework aims to manage the production, distribution, and sale of cannabis. It will also provide preventive and rehabilitation measures, with educational or therapeutic treatments for all Colombians. Especially, for users of psychotropic substances.

As a result, most of the officials spoke in favor of the legislation. During the roundtable, Boreal stressed that legalization will bring advances not only in economic terms but also in terms of health and leisure.

“I am a fairly regular marijuana user, in fact, I use it every day. I love it. I’m not afraid to say it, the cultural transformation we need in this country is for people to see that marijuana has absolutely nothing to do with how we are as a person,” the Chamber member said, according to Infobae.

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