Could Curaleaf Be Gearing Up For TSX Listing?

With SAFER Banking through the initial political hurdles and the Benzinga Cannabis Capital conference just last week, cannabis is making waves. In this week’s Trade To Black Podcast episode, the boys are back together again. Host Shadd Dales, lead financial writer Benjamin A. Smith and millennial investor Anthony Varrell are talking the most recent cannabis news including Curaleaf, surprising bipartisan support, and possible timelines for rescheduling and TSX listings.

Washington’s held a hard line against marijuana for a long time. Could we finally be witnessing the turning of the tide? We’ve talked before about how exciting the HHS’ recommendation to reschedule cannabis could be to the industry; now we’re taking a look at what happened last week and all the political developments. The impact of the banking bill on small businesses is brought up, shedding light on the potential challenges faced by independent dispensaries that could be a complete game changer.

That said, an unexpected decline in a company’s stock is in the mix despite no news or progress updates. Stock dilution and investor sentiment take center stage, as we try to make sense of its progress or lack thereof, we examine the potential impact of issuing more shares and its effect on investor sentiment.

Despite the canna industry’s growth, institutional investments, and potential regulatory shifts, it never hurts to keep an eye on the fundraising strategies of big players. Is a TSX listing in the works for Curaleaf? We’ll share some of our speculations on this and the DEA rescheduling.

Cannabis isn’t the only subject on our minds today. There’s been recent investment to the tune of $10m in psychedelics from an unexpected source, and growing market concerns. Tune in to hear all about it. Fall sports betting is also back on the menu. We take a detour into the NFL, analyzing the Detroit Lions’ defense and sharing insights on rookie cornerback Gardner Johnson. Dales is confidently predicting a Miami win in the upcoming Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins game.

So, grab your popcorn and join us for this fun and informative episode.

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