Don Murphy Shares Washington Update Following SOTU

On Today’s Trade To Black, we are joined by “Dan, The Chart Man,” from @ChartGuys and we’ll get a Washington update from the legend, Don Murphy himself! We had a great discussion with everyone about the State of Union. All this, plus the headlines from the later half of the week, some technical stock chart analysis, and a look at MariMed Q4 earnings. You won’t want to miss this episode.

Shadd Dales, Anthony Varrell, Bill McNarland, hop Into The Wire with MariMed and their FY 2023 earnings. Among highlights from this, MariMed reports double-digit revenue growth for the sixth year and saw a mix of GAAP net loss with positive adjusted EBITDA. That grabbed some investor’s attention. We’ll share our thoughts on their report and what lies ahead.

GUAP and Don Murphy join the podcast to talk about Biden’s State of the Union address with Shadd and Anthony. How are we supposed to interpret his words as a cannabis investor, business owner, or anyone involved in the space? Is this just another rumor by a President running for reelection or is there something solid beneath the words? Biden owns cannabis reform now, says Don, so that means it seems unlikely we’ll see anything less than Schedule III. The others have varying opinions, and it feels like it’s still difficult to predict how it’ll play out in the end. Tune in to hear the whole interview with Don Murphy and the full Washington update.

Dan The Chart Man shares his take on the SOTU when he jumps in following the chat with Don Murphy. He also shares with us some of the charts on the market action that happened following. The market action previously seemed half cannabis and half psychedelics, but with the news that’s dropped, the cannabis charts might start moving again.

Catch the analysis with Dan, and don’t miss Drop The Mic With GUAP right here on this episode of The Dales Report!

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