Don Murphy With An Inside Look At SAFE Banking, Rescheduling

Host Shadd Dales meets with a distinguished guest and cannabis lobbyist Don Murphy in this episode of the “Trade To Black” podcast. He’s definitely no stranger to the corridors of Congress and he’s a regular presence on the Capitol steps. In this informative interview with Don, we’ll be discussing the evolving situation around cannabis legalization in the US, including intersecting issues such as SAFE Banking and more.

He was a former member of the Maryland General Assembly before launching into cannabis. Since retiring from the legislature, Murphy has successfully lobbied Congress for passage of the Rohrabacher and McClintock spending amendments as well as SAFE Banking and 280e.

Don Murphy is recognized as America’s foremost conservative legalization advocate by Leafly and one of the top federal cannabis advocates by Politico. He has been featured in articles in other publications as well, including Bloomberg and the Washington Post. Notably, he was also the original lead sponsor of the Darrell Putman Compassionate Use Act, marking the first Republican-led medical marijuana bill ever signed into law.

Kicking off the chat, Don starts with shedding light on the progress of the much delayed, hot topic of the SAFER Banking Act. You’ll find out how SAFER is shaping the cannabis industry, even now. Even though it was initially introduced over a decade ago, it has been making slow progress that finally came to a bit of a head in 2023. Is this finally the year we’ll see SAFER pass?

Together, Shadd and Don will also tackle this sticky and often partisan subject of American cannabis legalization. Dive into the intricacies of the cannabis rescheduling debate and the many factors at play.

Discover the insights and perspectives of one of America’s top advocates for conservative cannabis legalization. Don Murphy’s impact so far on cannabis legislation is undeniable, and he believes that 2024 will be an even better year for cannabis legislation.

Find out why when you tune in to this exciting interview with Don Murphy, right here on The Dales Report!

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