Elizabeth Warren Pushes For Cannabis Laws That Minimize Amazon And Big Corp. Influence

At a recent gathering in Boston that was focused on creating an equitable cannabis industry, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) got specific on how to do that.

“We know that legalization alone is not enough,” Sen. Warren said in a prerecorded video for the Saturday meeting organized by the Massachusetts-based Parabola Center for Law and Policy. “We need to ensure that the communities most harmed by the war on drugs are at the front of the line for reaping the benefits of legalization and we need to legalize in a way that avoids Big Tobacco and alcohol corporations or retail giants from dominating the cannabis market.”

Elizabeth Warren echoed Parabola’s take on the topic. “Already, aspiring weed billionaires and powerful corporations like Amazon 

AMZN and Altria (NYSE: MO) (aka Philip Morris) are hounding Congress to pass bills that would let them be the first to profit from federal legalization— leaving behind small business owners and the many communities that were torn apart by decades of over-policing.”

Amazon recently released a statement reiterating its support for federal cannabis legalization.

Warren, however, is “deeply skeptical that Amazon’s lobbying is anything more than a self-interested move to monopolize yet another market, potentially blocking Black and Latino entrepreneurs from an emerging industry,” reported Marijuana Moment.

“Now is the time to get creative and think big about how we can ensure fairness and competition in the cannabis industry,” Elizabeth Warren said “Right now, we have the rare opportunity to shape how a new industry develops from the ground up. And that means we have the chance to avoid repeating the same old story of corporations crowding out small businesses and dominating markets.”

The event was also attended by Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s, Harvard’s Dr. Peter Grinspoon as well as cannabis regulators from Massachusetts, NYC, Washington, D.C., the Drug Policy Alliance, Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, Cannabis Regulators of Color Coalition and more organizations.

The Parabola Center

Founded by its current director Shaleen Title a former Massachusetts cannabis regulator, the Parabola Center is a nonpartisan think tank of legal professionals and drug policy experts coming together to protect people, not corporations. The organization’s mission is to provide “everyone with the education, access, and expertise to support cannabis legalization policies that put people and small businesses first.”

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