Gaia Grow’s Canna Stream Solutions Receives 100 Hours of Business Development Support for Market Analysis Work for Future Products

Gaia Grow Corp. (CNSX: GAIA)is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Edmonton-based Canna Stream Solutions Ltd. (“CSS”), has been accepted into the Business Development Support program, which is funded by the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network (ERIN) and delivered by Innovate Edmonton. The program, exclusive to founders who are actively engaged in select Edmonton post-secondary institutions, will support 100 hours of market research and analysis to validate new product fit and market demand.

With this support from ERIN, CSS is excited to work with Garrett Fleck from Reputed Marketing to conduct market research to identify market needs and demand for products upcycled from cannabis and hemp waste. This research, which will include in-depth interviews with licensed producers, dispensaries, extraction companies and end-users of products derived from cannabis and hemp, will validate our assumptions, and help us develop a pricing strategy for our services and products.

Canna Stream Solutions Ltd.

CSS is developing critical technologies for storing, transporting, and processing cannabis waste (physical and chemical). Most notably, they have filed a US provisional patent application in the chemical extraction and fractionation of Cannabinoids and monoterpenes from cannabis flower and biomass utilizing their solvent system that is significantly more efficient than ethanol. This gives CSS the ability to significantly manage costs of high throughput processing and extraction of cannabis and hemp biomass.

About Edmonton Regional Innovation Network

The Edmonton Regional Innovation Network (ERIN) is a coalition of organizations in the Edmonton region that support innovation, technology, and knowledge-based startups and enterprises. Its collective goal is to build a collaborative, cohesive innovation ecosystem that efficiently connects entrepreneurs to resources, capital, customers, and the community through the alignment of service providers. ERIN is supported by funding from Alberta Innovates’ Regional Innovation Network.

About Innovate Edmonton

Headquartered in Alberta’s capital city, Innovate Edmonton leverages, unites, and promotes home-grown innovation as a gateway to solving the world’s most pressing problems. They harness the power of the public and private sectors, ground-breaking academic research, and purpose-driven investment to build a shared prosperity and open international markets. From sustainable climate solutions to public health and digital education, Edmonton is a leading global centre for inspiration, ingenuity, and inclusion.  

About Reputed Marketing

Reported Marketing is an Edmonton based marketing agency that specializes in helping Start-Ups clarify the digital landscape to position their businesses to be relevant and reputable. Reputed works closely with Entrepreneurs and SMEs throughout the region as well as other organizations such as ERIN who specialize in supporting innovation and technology.

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