German Lawmakers Agree On Revised Cannabis Bill, Vote Expected Next Week

German lawmakers have revised the country’s marijuana legalization bill, addressing concerns from cannabis reform advocates. The revised bill, resulting from intense negotiations aims for legalization to take effect in the spring, reported Marijuana Moment.

Key amendments include relaxed penalties for possessing slightly over the allowable cannabis amount, changing it from a criminal offense to an administrative violation for 25 to 30 grams. Home cultivation limits are also increased from 25 to 50 grams, with similar administrative violation terms for 50 to 60 grams.

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The bill, first introduced in April, was conceived as a “scaled-back” version of the original project, following talks with the E.U., which suggested a more gradual approach.

Public Consumption

Rules regarding public consumption have also been updated and now prohibit cannabis use within 100 meters of a school, reduced from the previous 200-meter limit, according to the Legal Tribune Online. Implementation of the reform will be staggered, with adult possession and home cultivation starting in April. Social clubs would be allowed to begin functioning in July, noted the outlet.

Strict Penalties For Selling To Minors 

The bill also introduces stricter penalties for underage sales and has plans for a second measure to establish commercial sales pilot programs in various cities. This legislation will be presented after review by the European Commission.

Green Party lawmaker Kirsten Kappert-Gonther highlighted the bill’s improvements, emphasizing regulations to protect youth and health while decriminalizing adult consumption.

Once the Bundestag passes the bill, attention will shift to the Bundesrat, representing German states. The Bundesrat previously attempted to block the reform but failed.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, who is spearheading the proposal, emphasized the need for public education on the risks associated with cannabis consumption. The Federal Cabinet approved the initial legalization framework last year, seeking E.U. approval to comply with international obligations. The proposal is a culmination of extensive review and negotiations within the German administration and coalition government, including international discussions on marijuana policy.

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