InMed Bolsters Its Rare Cannabinoids With Cannabicitran

InMed is in the news for all the right reasons.  The publicly traded stock recently announced it will extend its inventory of rare cannabinoids with the addition of cannabicitran.  The hope is that patients around the world will soon use cannabicitran to overcome health and wellness challenges.  Cannabis investors should construe this development as a positive sign for InMed’s stock.  InMed trades under the symbol of INM.

Why The Addition Of Cannabicitran Is Important

The addition of cannabicitran to InMed’s rare cannabinoid portfolio is meaningful as it bolsters the company’s leadership in the context of rare cannabinoids.  InMed, a pioneer in the research, development and sale of rare cannabinoids, will rely on cannabicitran as an integral component of its B2B sales.  Cannabicitran is one of the rarest cannabinoids in existence.  Often referred to with the abbreviation of CBT, cannabicitran, will highlight InMed’s product launches scheduled for the initial half of ’22.

BayMedica’s Role In InMed’s Rare Cannabinoid Production

BayMedica, a subsidiary of InMed, recently received purchase orders for cannabicitran.  The company has already started fulfilling order requests for the incredibly rare cannabinoid.  CBT is BayMedica’s second-ever rare cannabinoid.  The company also generates revenue through the sale of CBC in a wholesale format.  CBC serves as a raw ingredient for products used in the health and wellness sector.  

The company’s brass recently noted the commercial scale production of CBDV has commenced.  CBDV is short for cannabidivarin.  It won’t take long for tetrahydrocannabivarin to follow.  If everything goes as planned, BayMedica will generate in excess of 100kg of THCV and CBDV in the months ahead.

Shane Johnson, the General Manager and SVP of BayMedica, recently issued a statement highlighting the company’s fulfillment of its objective to bring more rare cannabinoids to the market in the initial quarter of ’22.  Johnson noted demand for the rare cannabinoids is soaring.  If the company’s plans come to fruition, a minimum of four rare cannabinoids will be available for those in the health and wellness industry by the middle f the year.  The hope is that BayMedica will be the top large-scale rare cannabinoid provider by the third quarter of ’22.  

Johnson wrapped up his statement by indicating the company’s CBT launch exemplifies its ability to generate the rarest of cannabinoids and distribute them to businesses around the world.  Indeed, few other businesses have been able to accomplish such a feat.

The Rare Cannabinoid Market Continues To Expand

Demand of rare cannabinoids is increasing with each passing day.  This is one of the hottest emerging markets with an expected retail market of a whopping $26 billion by ’28.  The industry’s analysts anticipate the rare cannabinoid market will experience a compounded annual growth rate of more than 20% for the period.  

The rapidly expanding rare cannabinoid market is a boon to the human condition as these once-illegal products are now revered as beneficial for health, wellness and happiness.  InMed and BayMedica are in prime position to benefit from the market’s expansion.  These companies have the manufacturing capacity necessary to scale in accordance with market demand.  InMed’s proprietary processes facilitate the production of the rarest cannabinoids for mass consumption while maintaining standards for purity, consistency and quality.  The company’s subsidiary, BayMedica, makes the rarest of cannabinoids through proprietary synthetic methods to guarantee products with unmatched quality.

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