InMed Commercializes Cannabidivarin (CBDV), Expanding its Rare Cannabinoid Portfolio for the Health and Wellness Sector

  • Expands rare cannabinoid portfolio beyond current CBC and CBT
  • Releases White Paper outlining research into the therapeutic potential of CBDV

InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.(Nasdaq: INM), a leader in the research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of rare cannabinoids, is pleased to announce it has launched B2B sales of the rare cannabinoid cannabidivarin (“CBDV”) to wholesalers, suppliers and end-product manufacturers in the health and wellness sector through its US subsidiary, BayMedica LLC.

Ensuring a reliable, large volume source of highly pure, bioidentical CBDV is an important step forward in the health and wellness sector. CBDV has been researched for its therapeutic potential in several disease areas such as autism spectrum disorde. Whether you are a researcher or product developer at a multinational consumer package goods (‘CPG’) company, the ability to access highly pure and consistent active ingredients, free from contaminants typically found in plant-sourced cannabinoids such as pesticides, heavy metals, or potentially even THC, is a fundamental requirement. BayMedica’s cannabinoid manufacturing technologies provides exactly that value and we are excited to continue to introduce to the market additional rare cannabinoids that have previously not been abundantly accessible, including adding THCV to our portfolio in the immediate future.

Shane Johnson, MD, SVP and General Manager of BayMedica

CBDV – An important twist on CBD

CBDV is a non-intoxicating rare cannabinoid that has a similar molecular structure to CBD but with two fewer carbon atoms on its sidechain, resulting in important differences in activity. The BayMedica team has curated a collection of scientific research studies on the physiological and potential therapeutic properties of CBDV. CBDV is one of the most studied rare cannabinoids and has been the subject of research in autism, epilepsy, acne, alopecia, inflammatory bowel disease, nausea, and pain. CBDV is also currently being studied in a number of clinical trials including autism, Prader-Willi Syndrome, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Click here to download the white paper.

BayMedica – We do cannabinoids differently

BayMedica manufactures rare cannabinoids through novel synthetic methods that ensure reproducible quality and purity. The Company’s products are manufactured under food-grade GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards for the health and wellness sector, and are bioidentical to plant-derived compounds. These cannabinoids can be custom formulated for a variety of consumer health and wellness applications including supplements, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and animal health. Utilizing reproducible processes guarantee the purity and consistency of our cannabinoids each and every time. Furthermore, these production methods can be scaled up to meet demand to ensure that clients have an ongoing source of cannabinoids without supply chain concerns.

Increasing demand for rare cannabinoids

As research continues to identify the unique characteristics of cannabinoids beyond THC and CBD, the use and acceptance of all cannabinoids is poised to grow significantly over the coming months and years. Key indicators that point to significant growth include online analytics, emerging trends in the regulated hemp and marijuana sectors, and R&D among multinational CPGs. Reports such as the December 2021 Grand View Research report, that predicts the retail market for rare cannabinoids will reach US$26 Billion by 2028, adds to the growing body of data.

By establishing a reliable supply of these rare cannabinoids at commercial scale, innovative product manufacturers and consumer brands now have the ability to deliver improved and differentiated products via product line extensions and formulations designed to increase the performance of their products.   

For more information on how to purchase CBDV and other rare cannabinoids, please reach out to the BayMedica sales team at: [email protected]

Learn more about BayMedica’s products:
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To view the original press release in its entirety click here

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