InMed Launches THCV, Expanding its Portfolio of Rare Cannabinoids for the Health and Wellness Sector

  • Produces highly pure d9-dominant THCV, a non-intoxicating cannabinoid
  • Bolsters Company’s commercial portfolio, which also includes CBDV, CBC and CBT
  • THCV has been researched for a variety of potential benefits

InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.(Nasdaq: INM), a leader in the research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of rare cannabinoids, is pleased to announce it has launched B2B sales of the rare cannabinoid delta 9-dominant tetrahydrocannabivarin (“d9-THCV”) into the health and wellness sector via its wholly-owned subsidiary, BayMedica LLC.

We are very excited to launch our highly anticipated d9-THCV and further enhance BayMedica’s growing product portfolio. THCV is one of the few rare cannabinoids that has been researched in early clinical trials for various therapeutic effects, fueling significant interest by end-product manufacturers and consumers alike. In anticipation of this launch, we have expanded internal sales and marketing infrastructure, developed new distribution channels and optimized the supply chain to ensure a consistent and reliable supply of a high quality product. As this market continues to mature, we are well positioned to be a leading supplier of rare cannabinoids to the health and wellness industry. We currently have several high-value, rare cannabinoids in various stages of commercial development and will continue to expand our cannabinoid portfolio over the coming years.

Shane Johnson, MD, SVP and General Manager of BayMedica

THCV – What is it and why the growing interest?

Although similar in name and structure to its intoxicating cousin THC, THCV has a slightly modified structure that leads to significantly different physiological effects, including being non-intoxicating. In addition, while THC is found abundantly in many strains of the Cannabis plant, THCV is a rare cannabinoid that is generally found in only trace amounts in the plant.

D9-THCV has been researched for a variety of physiological benefits, most notably for its appetite suppressing effects, making it a compelling compound for use in weight management. It has also attracted interest for its potential ability to help maintain normal blood sugar levels and has been studied for a myriad of other effects.

InMed Pharmaceuticals is committed to developing products based on scientific evidence, and as previously announced, BayMedica has supplied d9-THCV to be evaluated in Radicle Science’s “Radicle Energy” study on energy, focus/attention, appetite and weight/body mass index (“BMI”). The study is being conducted to provide valuable third party validation of the potential effects of d9-THCV.

Delta 9 vs. Delta 8 – An important differentiator

As compared to d8-THCV, d9-THCV is the naturally-occurring variant found in the Cannabis plant, has specifically been the subject of the vast majority of scientific research into the potential effects of THCV, and is significantly more difficult to manufacture.  BayMedica manufactures a d9-dominant THCV to high purity via a proprietary process. BayMedica’s cannabinoids are made in accordance with food-grade GMP standards and are rigorously tested at certified laboratories. Like all BayMedica minor cannabinoid products, d9-THCV can be combined in precise ratios with other cannabinoids to create unique health and wellness products.

Commercial Opportunity – Increasing demand for rare cannabinoids

With the availability of these rare cannabinoids at commercial scale, product manufacturers and consumer brands now have the ability to deliver differentiated products, including augmenting existing CBD-based products, to consumers in the health and wellness marketplace. With flexibility across multiple manufacturing approaches, and its ability to scale up to meet market demand, BayMedica is well positioned to take advantage of this rapidly growing industry.

This emerging market is expected to grow significantly due to the increasing awareness of the potential benefits of cannabinoid-based products. According to the December 2021 Grand View Research report, the retail market for rare cannabinoids is expected to reach US$26 billion by 2028 with a forecasted compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of >20% during the same period. [U.S. Minor Cannabinoids Market Size Report, 2021-2028 (grandviewresearch.com)]

For more information on how to purchase d9-THCV and other rare cannabinoids, please reach out to the BayMedica sales team at: [email protected]

To learn more about d9-THCV: Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) | BayMedica /

Learn more about InMed Pharmaceuticals Cannabinoids in Development: https://www.inmedpharma.com/pharmaceutical/cannabinoids-in-development/

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