Into The Wire With The Latest In Cannabis And Crypto

In Friday’s episode of the Trade To Black Podcast, we took a look into the latest movements and potential shifts in the cannabis industry. We had a great week, and we saw some great earnings… and then the market saw red. Welcome to cannabis. We’ll take a look in this podcast at some of the latest headlines and then we’ll discuss the best stock setups an investor might want to look at in both cannabis and crypto.

Cohosts Anthony Varrell and GUAP join Shadd Dales as we start Into The Wire by unpacking the latest rumor that SAFE Banking may finally become a reality in July. Until it’s a reality, Anthony says he just doesn’t really want to hear about it. Don Murphy still has credibility and has no particular axe to grind, and it’s nice to see a possible timeline, but there’s been a lot of teasing of change in Washington, so it’s difficult to take anything at face value. We’ll have to reach out to Don once again.

Recapping the week in the market, we had three strong earnings reports with GTII, Verano and Trulieve. Don’t forget to tune into our last podcasts to hear the full details, or you can find a more in-depth analysis on our site. The biggest takeaway in our opinion is the Trulieve tax takeaway. We had heard that it might be happening, but now there’s confirmation of checks coming back from the IRS. Other MSOs in the space are more than likely taking notes on how they did it so they can return some cash back to the coffers.

Virgina is getting closer to adult use cannabis, potentially passing May 1, 2025. GUAP says there’s still the potential for vetos, but there’s some cause for optimism. Hear our thoughts on what is going on for that, and we’ll also have an upcoming episode on Tuesday that explores it further.

Dipping into crypto, there’s been a lot of movement in the space and we’ll recap some of the movement we’ve see by the big players. In fact, Blackrock’s CEO, Larry Fink, has commented he wants to “tokenize the world.” What exactly did he mean? Tune in to stay updated with the newest cannabis and crypto headlines. Plus, don’t miss our “Drop the Mic” segment with GUAP.

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