John Schroyer Expands On ‘Imminence’ Of Rescheduling

Welcome to the Trade To Black podcast. Could we be finally seeing “liftoff” in the cannabis industry again? A lot of action is happening this week in the world of cannabis. Shadd Dales and Anthony Varrell have all the details for you on some of the biggest action happening. We also have a new face for you; Cody Shandraw joins Trade To Black as a co-host this podcast. And we’ll be interviewing John Schroyer, the Senior Reporter at Green Market Report, who set X ablaze last week with the rumor that we may hear an announcement about descheduling within this month.

For our viewers not familiar with Cody Shandraw, he’s a regular player in the cannabis and psychedelic’s space. What is his opinion on cannabis in 2024? You’ll get to know Cody here and hear what his thoughts on this year will be. Cody feels like we may have seen the bottom, so the market could be ready to move up from here as the industry moves towards profitability and away from growth.

Hot in the market right now is Truelieve, and we’ve got some opinions on Truelieve’s positioning in Florida. Do they really have the pole position? We’ll chat about the market action in the state of Florida, plus Pennsylvania, and others.

John Schroyer rocked the Xitterverse last week with the following tweet:

“No wonder there’s been so many senators calling for de-scheduling this week. If they know it won’t happen, it’s a safe political play, and they position themselves in front of the issue for November.”- @Johnschroyer

Is he really that confident that we’ll be hearing from the DEA imminently? Tune in to the interview and hear what the scoop is, and whether the Biden administration might actually make a move here in February.

You won’t want to miss this episode of Trade To Black and especially with John Schroyer.

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