Kim Rivers On Amendment 3 And The Future Of Florida Adult Use

On the accusations that Amendment 3 and adult recreational cannabis will lower the quality of life of Florida’s residents, Kim Rivers says, “As a born and raised Floridian, … I think I’m kind of uniquely positioned to be able to answer that question. We have a very robust and vibrant medical marijuana market in the state of Florida. And I don’t think that we’ve seen any diminution of quality of life in the state since that program has launched.”

In Monday’s episode of the Trade To Black podcast, we interview Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve and outspoken advocate for tax changes in the cannabis industry. Last week, we touched on the news that Florida’s Supreme Court signed off on the ballot language for Amendment 3 and what that means to the residents of Florida.

In this episode, we will get an MSO’s perspective, discussing the latest developments that occurred in Q1, including the Florida Supreme Court’s approval of the initiative to include cannabis on the ballot this fall. Kim Rivers explains how the Amendment 3 decision aligns with the company’s growth and the need for further expansion in Florida.

Kim Rivers believes that Governor Ron DeSantis’ recent remarks are ‘speaking to his base’ and possibly more at a national level. Nevertheless, in order for adult recreational use to become legal in the state of Florida, Amendment 3 must be approved by a 60% vote in November. She explains how Amendment 3 is still being actively campaigned against by both the governor and other conservative elements.

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