Latin American Rap Icon Akapellah And Spanish Star Prok Present Their New EP ’16 Millas’

By Javier Hasse via El Planteo — In the bustling world of Latin American rap, a beacon of relentless innovation and charismatic wit stands tall. Pedro Elias Aquino Cova, renowned by his stage name Akapellah, strides on a path of his own, consistently pushing boundaries in music and beyond. His recent collaboration with fellow rapper Prok culminated in an EP, “16 Millas,” a vibrant concoction of divergent styles blended seamlessly to deliver a musical experience like no other.

The interplay between Akapellah’s Venezuelan roots and Prok’s Spanish influence in “16 Millas” mirrors the duo’s unique cultural fusion. With each track in this seven-piece EP being recorded in different cities—Medellín, Madrid, and Granada—the eclectic soundscape encapsulates the diverse spirit of Latin rap.


Akapellah’s Love For Weed

Akapellah’s persona extends beyond his lyrics, infiltrating the societal narrative around cannabis consumption. His notorious affinity for the herb is a recurrent theme in his art. However, the artist argues for a broader perspective, embracing cannabis’ medicinal potential and challenging societal judgment.

In an interview with El Planteo, Akapellah said, “People often judge us for the content of our songs and our videos. But if there are windows like this, where media of this importance are opening up to see what a 30-year-old Venezuelan who raps and works with medicinal marijuana thinks, it’s because there’s more behind all this.”

As a youth, he lived in a world where cannabis was demonized, equated with hard drugs, and used as a scapegoat for societal problems. His perspective metamorphosed over time, urging him to advocate for legalizing cannabis, not only for its recreational use but for its medicinal properties and to combat the injustices faced by people incarcerated for possessing minimal quantities of the plant.

“The way it’s penalized in Venezuela is brutal,” Akapellah laments, asserting that those in power are well aware of the plant’s medicinal benefits.

Akapellah’s expansive influence permeates multiple sectors. He co-owns a streetwear and clothing brand, Rela 4 Life, and a sneaker store in Medellín, Colombia. Despite his advocacy for cannabis, he remains industrious and vigorous, challenging the negative stereotypes associated with its use.

Akapellah And Big Cruz In ‘Cannabis x Cannabis:’ ‘A World Where No One Persecutes You For Smoking Cannabis Would Be Ideal’

Recently, Akapellah graced the screen alongside Big Cruz in the latest episode of El Planteo’s new audiovisual project: “Cannabis x Cannabis.” This documentary series fosters conversations between cannabis connoisseurs across Latin America. The series curates dialogues between individuals from various fields who share a common bond with the cannabis plant.

Remember to turn on English subtitles!

The inaugural season of Cannabis x Cannabis showcases diverse personalities, including DJs, actresses, singers, doctors, influencers, activists, entrepreneurs, among others. Each episode enlightens viewers about the intricacies of the cannabis universe, with Akapellah’s episode providing a candid conversation on marijuana.

As Akapellah continues to transform the discourse around cannabis and rap in Latin America, his unique voice ensures an intriguing journey ahead.

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