Livi McKay On How MyTEPI Elevates Consumer Experience

We’ve got another TDR cannabis exclusive interview for you, and today we sit down with Livi McKay, CEO and founder of MyTEPI. MyTEPI is a platform designed to enhance the cannabis experience for consumers through data analysis of reported observations, allowing for greater, personalized consumer navigation. In this interview, Livi McKay explains the platform and the inspiration for it, describing the innovative ways MyTEPI is setting new standards in the cannabis industry.

MyTEPI sets out to categorize various cannabis flower into one of four categories depending on its reported effects: Uplift, Energize, Rest, and Calm. Focusing on the effects makes it easier for customers to be able to shop for the strain that is right for them.

As many adult cannabis users appear to be using the drug for minor health indications such as better sleep and pain relief, Livi McKay feels like it is important to help people find the strain that helps them with these indications.

But how does the science work? Livi McKay explains MyTEPI’s approach to consumer experience and cannabis as what should be part of a wellness industry. Knowing that different flower has different effects, and that people were shopping for cannabis for very different reasons, showed her that there was a gap in how consumers were being helped.

Tune in to hear more about the “Discover Your Color” approach to personalizing cannabis consumption. You’ll learn about how MyTEPI can be implemented in dispensaries, and the impact that they’re making so far. How will the platform grow, and what is the ultimate vision for the cannabis industry? You’ll find out.

Livi McKay also shows her personal health journey and how she ended up becoming a cannabis advocate. The cannabis industry has always had major focus on educating the consumer, but she believes that this wasn’t the right approach. Not exactly. Find out why she believes that MyTEPI’s initiatives and approach to help the consumer first goes farther towards enhancing consumer education.

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