MariMed’s Panacea Dispensary Shows Off Online Delivery

In this episode of Trade To Black, we are on location in Middleborough, MA. Why? We’re getting an up-close look at the Panacea Wellness cannabis dispensary there. Joining us is MariMed’s Chief Revenue Officer, Ryan Crandall.

The 6,000 sqft. Panacea Wellness is one of their most successful dispensaries in the state. The performance of MariMed (CNSX: MRMD) has generated a lot of curiosity from our viewers who are wondering exactly what is making Panacea Wellness so popular when so many cannabis dispensaries are struggling.

Seated right on the main highway to the cape, Panacea Wellness’ location is undeniably great. They’re also well recognized for the quality of their offerings and customer service. However, the real recipe to their success story might just be their omni channel approach.

Crandall explains that there are three unique types of customers who tend to visit a dispensary. There are those who know what they want, and they want to grab it and go. Some are curious about cannabis products and want to spend time with their Budtenders. And the third kind would prefer never to have to set foot inside the dispensary at all if they don’t have to.

Panacea Wellness wouldn’t be the first dispensary to offer online delivery service, but they appear to be doing something right that their competition isn’t. Crandall walks us through the online ordering process and convenient delivery experience.

Did you know that Panacea Wellness has a loyalty program? Find out how this program and some customer-centered ‘sellability’ is giving them a keen edge against the competition. We will take an in-depth look at these, discussing how they were designed to meet the preferences of their customers and attract the right demographics. We’ll also take a greater look at how the dispensary, in partnership with Little Dogs Delivery, is maintaining customer retention.

Get a taste for what service is like at MariMed’s best dispensary when you tune in and watch this podcast.


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