Matt Hawkins Talks Capitalizing on Cannabis Trends

In this cannabis exclusive episode of Trade To Black, we talk with Matt Hawkins, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Entourage Effect Capital. On the docket is the world of cannabis investments and the surge that is currently being retail fueled. Matt has spoken on the subject of cannabis in industry panels and media outlets such as CNBC, Fox News, Cheddar, Yahoo Finance, and Bloomberg.

Many have wondered when institutional investors would hop aboard the freight train of the cannabis industry following the big news in Washington DC of possible rescheduling, and now New York’s change to licensing. Entourage Effect Capital is a private cannabis fund focused on direct investments in the industry and was formerly known as Cresco Capital Partners.

While admittedly we’re still a little bit in the situation of “what if–?” there is a great deal of cause for optimism. “The what if,” Matt says, “is … more closely on the horizon than it has been in the past.” In this discussion, Matt provides valuable insights into the cannabis industry’s current landscape and the factors influencing investment decisions.

We touch on the optimism among other cannabis investors despite regulatory challenges, the growing interest from institutional players, and the importance of responsible capital allocation. Gain a deeper understanding of the financial services sector within the cannabis industry. How might regulatory changes disrupt traditional financial systems? We’ll cover that, too.

The market trends have been hot, and we will dive deeper into some of those, including successful startups, and the infusion of new capital into the cannabis space. Matt also shares his thoughts on key markets such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Florida, and their significance in shaping the future of cannabis investments.

If you’re curious to learn about the potential impact of rescheduling cannabis on institutional investments, be sure to tune in to this episode of Trade To Black with Matt Hawkins.

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