Meet Matt Zorn: The Lawyer Who Beat The DEA

On the TDR “Cannabis Exclusive Podcast” today we interview Matt Zorn, Partner at Yetter Coleman LLP. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he was the attorney involved in the release of the 250-page scientific review by the HHS that explained their rationale for getting cannabis rescheduled from a Schedule I to Schedule III drug. Schedule III is a classification intended for “drugs with a moderate to low potential for physical and psychological dependence.”

Why is this report so exciting? Cannabis lobbyist Brady Cobb said in an email, “The move to Schedule III … will have sweeping impacts on U.S. cannabis policy and the U.S. cannabis marketplace. From tax reform, to criminal justice reform, to accessibility to interstate commerce, this move would mark the true start of our legalization moment.”

Get ready for a deep dive into this drug policy report that’s making waves in the legal and medical communities. We’ll be dissecting the report’s implications and unveil crucial insights into the DEA’s actions.

Learn how this confidential report became public knowledge and why it’s essential for everyone to understand. Understanding here helps with the explanation about the report’s criteria on cannabis and possibly other Schedule I drugs meeting accepted medical use, especially for substances like psilocybin.

We’ll also discuss the legal intricacies surrounding the report with a legal expert. Gain valuable insights from our guest speaker, Matthew Zorn, an expert in drug policy and law.

Host Shadd Dales, millennial investor Anthony Varrell, and Matt Zorn chat about the potential consequences for the drug industry and what this means for its stakeholders. Together we’ll delve into the possibilities and uncertainties surrounding the DEA’s actions and the rescheduling debate.

Join us on this enlightening journey through the depths of the HHS report with Matt Zorn, including drug policy and legal matters. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay informed and be part of the conversation shaping the future of drug policy in the United States!

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