Melise Panetta on TRACE Updates: Fulfillment Tech, Koyo Foods and More

There’s been several news updates since we last spoke with Melise Panetta, President of BevCanna Enterprises Inc. (CNSX:BEV, OTCMKTS:BVNNF) Many of these exciting announcements over the last few weeks feature BevCanna’s Naturo Group and their TRACE products. Joining us again today, Panetta discusses the news from Naturo Group regarding their TRACE alkaline and mineral-infused water products and shares an update regarding the cannabis beverage vertical.

Here’s some highlights from the interview.

Partnership with cloud-based inventory and fulfillment technology provider to help meet TRACE consumer needs

Last month, BevCanna announced a partnership with a leading U.S.-based logistics provider who has one of the ten largest warehouse networks in the states.

Logistics is incredibly important, says Panetta. “It’s great to have the distribution, but if you don’t have the full supply chain sorted out, you won’t be able to meet your customer’s needs.” BevCanna is working on key partnerships with strong players, building out their infrastructure and leveraging existing infrastructures, she explains. Then they will be able to build distribution against that.

Koyo Foods a strategic distributor for TRACE in Eastern Canada, says Panetta

The agreement announced in the first few days of June gains BevCanna’s Naruto Group a foothold in one of the largest health food distributors in Ontario and Quebec, expanding them into grocery brands such as Nature’s Emporium, Healthy Planet, and Goodness Me!

“We selected Koyo Foods,” Panetta says. Koyo Foods was chosen by BevCanna because of their strong presence in Eastern Canada and relationships with important health and wellness retail chains. More agreements to come, however. Panetta says that the company is in final negotiations with a number of other distributors as part of getting distribution coast to coast with key strategic partners.

TRACE products to be offered in multi-packs – a megatrend that makes sense, Panetta says

“We’re seeing a groundswell of consumer trend towards value and multi-packs,” Panetta says. “That was accelerated because of COVID, but that trend was there before.”

Panetta says that BevCanna is poised to respond to changing market needs relatively quickly. Multi-packs are a megatrend that “makes sense” for the company to respond to.

Raffael Kapusty and Bill Niarchos “invaluable” additions to the team

While BevCanna had a solid foundation before they joined the team, Panetta says that their presence accelerated things. “They’re a group of folks with good networks,” she says, adding that they know how to do what they need to quickly and efficiently.

Kapusty and Niarchos’ involvement with the team came from their desire to be a part of building “something amazing” from the ground up, says Panetta.

Cannabis beverage in final stage of listing process in provinces, and revenue should start happening soon

Panetta says that BevCanna is getting ready to do their first commercial runs this month, and everything is on track. She expects the company to make announcements regarding the listing process with the provinces shortly, so this is something investors will be able to look forward to.

Once that happens, BevCanna will start getting their first purchase orders in and first orders out the door, finally getting to revenue on the cannabis side of the business. Conversations with the Canadian market and provinces regarding the KEEF brand have been “very positive.” She expects that BevCanna will have a really good start once they can start moving product.

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