More Rescheduling Rumors And Jesse Channon On Traynor Ridge

Drama still continues in the canna space. Welcome to our midweek Trade To Black, the podcast that covers all the headlines in cannabis, psychedelics, tech, and more. We’ll be taking a closer peek at what is churning in the news. Jesse Channon joins us for a chat and describes a little bit about Traynor Ridge, and Dan the Chart Man gives some of his input on the latest stock movement.

There’s a lot of back and forth on social media about what may be happening with rescheduling—or possibly even descheduling. We’ve been keeping up with some of the rumors that have been stirring investors up.

Into The Wire, Anthony and Shadd unpack the latest viral leak that happened on LinkedIn, the post by Adrian Snead of Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP, which was quickly retracted. Was there a possibility it was legit? Or is there a chance that it’s just more smoke and noise? We share our thoughts on the risks of letting these leaks impact our investing strategies.

Also up for discussion: Details on Curaleaf’s new asset in Poland, plus analyzing its impact on the European Union’s cannabis footprint. Poland has about 300k medical patients at the moment. And we dip into speculation on whether or not $MSOS will have a sell-off. Unpacking the tremors shaking the weak hands.

Jesse Channon, President of The Cannabist Company, speaks on some of the volume we have seen happening in the market this week. Also, Traynor Ridge and what its disappearance means for the market.  Jesse explains a little bit about how they have been involved in the incident with Traynor Ridge Capital Inc. We also take a dive into some of The Cannabist’s brands and products.

You asked, we listened. We’re proud to unveil weekly segments with none other than the industry’s top technical analyst, Dan McDermitt, also known as “Dan The Chart Man,” from @TheChartGuys. Don’t miss out on what he has to say so far this week, and what stocks he’s keeping an eye on.

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