More Rescheduling Rumors From Washington?

On this Trade To Black podcast we talk all about the swirling rumors of rescheduling that are making waves in the market. We’ll also recap the week’s standout earnings stocks and dive deep into chart analysis with “Dan, The Chart Man” from @ChartGuys.

If you feel like the only cannabis news coming out of Washington is all rumor and little action, you wouldn’t be the only one. Anthony, Shadd, and GUAP hop into the wire with the rumor of rescheduling that was more like an elevator conversation. On the subject of DEA rescheduling, Cory Booker said “I have heard a lot about it” but on a possible date, there’s no comment. We’ll share more thoughts about it later in this podcast, too.

Switching over to earnings, we had a lot of great people on last week. Be sure to find our previous episodes from the latest earnings reports if you missed out on hearing them. We’ve also got more great ones coming up ahead, so don’t forget to hop on over to YouTube to like and subscribe so that you never miss a live stream. The conversations have been great.

Today, we’ll be looking at the earnings of some of the companies that we haven’t had on the show. Among them: Planet 13, Ascend Wellness, and Village Farms. GUAP says that as an investor, he wants to see a year of operational efficiency leaning towards free cash flow for more than just Green Thumb Industries. Are these other companies performing?

Our last headline from the weekend involves President Joe Biden’s HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, who is defending his statement to reschedule cannabis. He said, “What we’re doing is reflecting what the science is showing.” It’s an encouraging comment, to say the least.

Be sure to listen in as we unpack all these headlines and rumors. You also won’t want to miss the latest chart analysis with “Dan, The Chart Man” from @ChartGuys, right here on Trade To Black!

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