NFL Legends Jim McMahon And Ricky Williams Tackle Cannabis

On the subject of cannabis, Jim McMahon, former American football quarterback, says, “We’ve been lied to about the plant for over a hundred years. We’re still trying to get over that. … We don’t have an Oxycontin or Percocet system in our bodies. We have a cannabinoid system. We’re supposed to be using this plant.”

Get ready to jump this episode of TDR’s Trade To Black podcast. Trade To Black has been on location in Washington this week, meeting some of the many voices that are helping advocate for cannabis rescheduling and the Secure and Fair Enforcement Regulation Banking Act (SAFER). In our Friday episode, we bring you an exclusive glimpse into how these retired NFL icons, Ricky Williams and Jim McMahon, are helping to spearhead cannabis reform in Washington, DC.

Ricky Williams and Jim McMahon are part of a united effort to drive change through a proactive approach in cooperation with senators and members of congress. Discover their dedication to revolutionizing the cannabis industry and their proactive approach.

An earlier version of the SAFER Banking act was first introduced more than a decade ago. The members of Capitol Hill are finally appearing to be open to the idea of banking legislative reform for cannabis industries. Federal legalization and de- or rescheduling, however, seem to be much farther from a certain thing.  

Ricky Williams shares his thoughts on Senator Booker’s stance and the general opinion of “the Hill” when they think of cannabis. Will proponents like Ricky Williams and Jim McMahon be enough to bridge the gap?

More interviews from TDR’s time at Capitol Hill are coming, and also next week we go on location at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference happening April 16-17, 2024. Be sure to visit our social media to like and subscribe so you don’t miss one of our upcoming episodes.

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