Predictions And Rankings Of The Top 6 Canadian LPs

In our latest Trade to Black, host Shadd Dales, millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell, and lead financial writer Benjamin A. Smith explore the sudden movement in cannabis stocks this week and the top six Canadian LPs (licensed producers). What happened to suddenly jolt the market?

After ten years of relative antipathy since it’s first introduction, rumors are now circulating that the SAFE Banking act might finally be headed to a floor vote sometime in the month of June. We know nothing yet about possible amendments or changes to the language, but nevertheless, the news has injected investors with a new sense of excitement.

So then the question is: how will LPs perform in the coming months, especially considering the certain market conditions like possible descheduling and SAFE Banking passing the senate?

We unveil the latest data from the most influential Canadian LPs, including their latest earnings, balance sheets, innovative products, strategic partnerships, and their expansion plans. We’ll take a close, hard look at Aurora, Canopy, Organigram, Sundial, and others.

These six producers are the ones that have been making headlines in the industry. We talk about what policies and actions propelled them to their current status and discuss the plans they’ll be taking into the near future. Whether or not they will help see the overall cannabis market health return? That’s yet to be determined.

We also discuss the various factors including revenue growth, market share, and overall industry influence, to provide you with well-rounded rankings on a spread of cannabis industry giants to smaller, established contenders. And don’t forget to check into our previous podcast where we tackle what has happened to Canopy Growth with former CEO and co-founder Bruce Linton.

Will these six LPs survive the market? How can the performance of these leading players shape the industry’s future? Here’s our outlook.

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