Rep Nancy Mace Updates on Cannabis Rescheduling

We’re back with our midweek Trade To Black, and as promised, we are happy to welcome Nancy Mace, a Republican in the South Carolina House of Representatives. Few could be a better source of information on the current wait for cannabis rescheduling than this congresswoman. Don’t miss out on this interview.

Cannabis is a subject that most politicians need to address, she believes, as in her experience, the topic comes up regularly and insistently in town halls: When will we get SAFE Banking, rescheduling, or medical cannabis in South Carolina? South Carolina is one of the few states remaining that don’t even allow for medical use. A poll two years ago showed that even the bright-red areas of the state had over 53% of respondents in favor of legalized, recreational cannabis, and that number trended upwards as high as 80% in the urban areas.

Get to know Rep Nancy Mace and how she got to be passionate on the subject of cannabis, especially when it comes to her state. Her story with cannabis goes all the way back to the age of 16 when she underwent a traumatic experience for which her doctor described antidepressants that ended up making her situation worse. After quitting the prescription drugs, cannabis changed the landscape for her, she says.

Nancy has been involved in some key pieces of cannabis legislation, and she’s got some great insights on what’s standing in the way of progress. You’ll want to make sure you tune in to hear the answers, because our discussion with Nancy Mace focuses on the current wait for cannabis rescheduling, the potential impact of a Trump presidency on the cannabis industry, and the level of access politicians have to the DEA.

Get the insights straight from Washington, DC. Right here, on TDR’s Trade To Black Podcast!

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