Rising Trend in the Cannabis Industry: Microdosing with Weed Drinks

As the legalization of marijuana continues across the United States, new innovations in the cannabis industry are following. One of the latest trends from a number of commercial businesses is to produce and sell beverages that are microdosed with cannabis. These beverages could offer a number of benefits to consumers while also being quite pleasant to drink.  

Microdosing: The Process and Benefits 

Microdosing happens when an individual consumes a very small amount of a drug. This allows the person to feel the therapeutic effects from that drug without feeling high. Ingesting 5mg or less of THC (the compound in marijuana that creates the high) is considered to be a microdose of cannabis. 

Studies on the benefits of microdosing cannabis in food and beverages often report that it can decrease anxiety, pain, and even PTSD symptoms. Research has also found that microdosing cannabis can benefit people who suffer from chronic pain or have a mental health diagnosis. In these instances, a microdose can alleviate pain and help individuals to get better sleep. 

However, microdosing cannabis can also be helpful for those who have had experiences in using too much cannabis. If someone notices an increase in their levels of anxiety after consuming a normal to high dose of weed, a microdose of cannabis can help to reduce that anxiety. 

Microdosing with Drinks

With the legalization of marijuana coming along rapidly throughout the United States, drinks with microdoses of cannabis are popping up where they can. However, none of these drinks currently contain alcohol — at least not the ones from commercial businesses. The federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is not currently approving any alcoholic formulations with weed in them.

The only exception comes with the inclusion of hemp. There are some breweries that are currently producing and selling beers that contain hemp, like New Belgium’s the Hemperor. But beers like the Hemperor do not have a microdose of cannabis. There is no CBD or THC in them. They are just crafted to possess flavors and aromas that are reminiscent of marijuana.    

When someone is searching for a drink with a microdose of cannabis, they must turn to products from companies like Cann and Stillwater Brands. Cann currently sells a line of “social tonic” mocktails. The majority of these bright, refreshing beverages contain 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD. Stillwater Brands, on the other hand, does something a bit different. Through a brand called Ripple, Stillwater sells dissolvable powder, which allows consumers to make their own microdosed beverages. Their powders range in dosages:  Some feature THC and CBD, while others contain just one of the two.  

The Ever-Evolving Cannabis Industry

Microdosing cannabis presents cannabis and drink companies alike with a new market to explore. This market could potentially pave the way for greater gains and rising stocks. Only time will tell whether microdosing drinks with cannabis will be the fruitful enterprise that it currently appears to be. 

For more information on the cannabis industry and reports on how cannabis stocks are doing, be sure to check back with us here at The Dales Report. 

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