Schedule III Hearing Rumors, Matt Hawkins On Trade To Black

On the interview portion Today’s Trade To Black, we talk with the legendary Matt Hawkins, Founder and Managing Principal of Entourage Effect Capital (EEC), about institutional interest. We’ll review what is going on with cannabis rescheduling and the landscape in the cannabis industry. Of course, take advantage of our Into the Wire segment, where we give you the latest headlines moving the markets. There’s a lot to talk about in this episode, including regarding a hearing happening in Washington with HHS secretary Xavier Becerra.

Shadd Dales, Anthony Varrell, and GUAP hop into the wire with the latest headlines from midweek. First up: Curaleaf, who made a deal to acquire Northern Green Canada, a licensed producer (LP) in Brampton, Ontario, who is focused on the import-export market. This indicates a trend of international expansion for the company, as they’ve also recently bought a Polish medical cannabis operator.

Schedule III and SAFE Banking make up topic number 2. An appropriations subcommittee hearing has been underway in Washington DC, and TDR correspondent Don Murphy had a chance to briefly talk to HHS secretary Xavier Becerra. There’s a lot of concerns that the congressmen have no idea what is going on, much less which items were most important to the public in President Biden’s SOTU. See the clip from the hearing when you tune in at about 5:20. Lots of thoughts and discussions to share on this headline.

For headline three, we’re back to examining what’s happening over in Germany. Last week, we reported on how a committee was recommending changes to the bill to legalize cannabis, and that there were some concerns that this could just slow the process by up to a half a year. GUAP explains what’s happening with the Bundesrat.

Last headline: Verano Holdings Corp (Cboe CA: VRNO) (OTCQX: VRNOF) has launched Cabbage Club™ which has been designed to give its members access to exclusive perks. What is it and why did they create it? You’ll find out.

We cap the headlines with Matt Hawkins of Entourage Effect Capital, and it’s an interview you’ll want to catch. We’ve got all the details when you tune in to this episode of Trade To Black!

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