TDR Cannabis Exclusive With Jon Levine Of MariMed

Welcome to another TDR Cannabis Exclusive interview as Shadd Dales, Founder of The Dales Report, sits down with Jon Levine, Chief Executive Officer, Interim CFO and President of MariMed, Inc (OTCMKTS: MRMD). In this in-depth conversation, we will be uncovering MariMed’s strategic approach to growth, including its focus on mergers, acquisitions, and financial management. How is MariMed setting standards in the cannabis industry for 2024? You’ll find out when you tune in.

You asked for an update on MariMed, and we’re delivering. First up is an update on MariMed’s expansion and growth strategy for 2024 on mergers and acquisitions. Jon Levine shares information on what he considers crucial when considering a potential acquisition. It’s a cautious yet strategic approach to M&A, emphasizing the importance of fit, partnership, and strategic alignment over rapid expansion.

On other market trends and expansion plans, Jon Levine outlines MariMed’s plans for growth. This focuses on states with limited licenses. We also discuss the potential impact of cannabis rescheduling. Diving into financial management, we find out how recent loan refinancing impacts MariMed’s capital allocation.

MariMed has always prioritized quality and consistency from cultivation all the way through to their retail operations. Achieving operational excellence differentiates MariMed in this competitive market, Jon Levine believes. We’ll take a look at how MariMed is responding to consumer trends with a significant investment in R&D, aiming to lead with innovation and branded product lines.

Jon Levine shares his long-term vision for MariMed within the context of industry trends and challenges, emphasizing sustainable growth, quality, and the importance of patience from investors. He also highlights the importance of customer service, loyalty programs, and product variety in retaining and growing MariMed’s customer base.

How does he feel about the industry on the whole? Jon Levine shares his outlook on the cannabis industry’s future and MariMed’s strategic position, including anticipation for regulatory changes and their impact on business operations. This and more when you tune in to this exclusive interview.

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