TerrAscend Partners With Cannabis Hardware Company Dablicator

Dablicator, a pioneering manufacturer of custom-branded, premium cannabis hardware based in California, has entered into a partnership with TerrAscend Corp. TRSSF.

The leading North American cannabis operator, TerrAscend will participate in Dablicator’s Oil Applicator Brand Partner Program, expanding the reach of TerrAscend’s premier in-house brands, such as Gage Cannabis, Kind Tree and Ilera Healthcare.

Known for its user-friendly oil applicators, Dablicator has carved a niche for itself by focusing on facilitating easy use of concentrates for medical and recreational consumers. Its groundbreaking Dablicator Oil Applicator is designed as an efficient alternative to conventional, often messy syringes and is compatible with a broad range of oil types.

Launched in 2020, the brand partner program has served as a springboard for Dablicator’s growth, enabling it to emerge as a frontrunner in the realm of concentrate delivery hardware. The company enjoys partnerships with 42 brands across 23 U.S. states and Washington D.C., as well as Canada and Puerto Rico.

Through this alliance, TerrAscend is set to bolster its revenue streams in the concentrates sector, benefiting its leading in-house brands. In the coming summer months, Gage Cannabis and Kind Tree-branded Dablicator Oil Applicators will be available to medical and recreational consumers in New Jersey and Maryland. Pennsylvania will only offer Ilera Healthcare-branded Dablicator Oil Applicators to medical patients.

Equipped with exclusive hardware, the Dablicator Oil Applicator has rapidly emerged as a high-growth product segment for its brand partners. It has notably augmented revenue and retail basket size for numerous partners, with the company generating over $100 million in new retail revenue for its affiliates. The applicator has enabled partners to offer new SKUs using existing infrastructure and oil, eliminating the need for additional capital expenditure.

Dablicator president Mike McDonald acknowledged the demand for a product that surpasses traditional syringes in the oil category. In his words, the company has replaced “classic hardware with something more efficient and versatile.”

This strategic approach has enabled Dablicator to generate a retail revenue exceeding $100 million for its partners, revolutionizing the direct oil application category and refining its services. McDonald expressed his excitement in welcoming TerrAscend to the Dablicator community and anticipates a collaborative effort in innovatively delivering TerrAscend’s oil-based products.


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