TerrAscend Rises Above Entering The Top 1% Club

“Insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one reason” Peter Lynch

Insider buying, where executives and directors purchase their own company’s stock, serves as a strong indicator of the company’s health and future prospects. These insiders have direct access to vital operational, financial, and strategic information, enabling them to make informed investment decisions. Their personal stock purchases often reflect a robust belief in the company’s potential for growth and success. This action is particularly notable when contrasted with insider selling, which can be driven by various personal factors and is not necessarily a reflection of the company’s performance.

Notably, the impact of insider trades varies depending on the role of the insider within the company. Corporate Officers, who are deeply involved in daily operations and invest their own money, provide a more significant signal than other insiders, like 10% shareholders or non-executive board members. These Officers’ trades are particularly telling due to their day-to-day engagement and firsthand knowledge of the company’s business. Recognizing the nuances among different types of insider trading is crucial. It underlines the fact that insider trades are not uniformly indicative, with those by Corporate Officers typically offering the most valuable insights into the company’s direction and potential.

TerrAscend’s insider buying activity is substantial and merits investor attention. According to Fintel.io, which monitors insider buying across 14,127 companies, TerrAscend ranks impressively with a score of 52/14,127. This places TerrAscend in the top 1% of all companies in terms of the extent to which its executives are purchasing back shares.

Jason Wild, the Chairman of TerrAscend, notably acquired $1.15M USD worth of stock via a related company (JW Asset Management) in the open market during the period from September to December 2023. Such a significant investment by a top executive is a robust indicator of confidence in the company, underscoring strong executive support for TerrAscend’s prospects.

So, what is Jason Wild betting on? Perhaps he anticipates a robust earnings report for the period ending December 31st, 2023, and is confident about potential rescheduling or changes in policy, such as those related to Section 280E of the Tax Code. How did we uncover this intriguing information for investors? Our in-depth company research, which we are launching next week, brought this to our attention. Keep tuned for launch of our in-depth research at TDR, and to learn more about why TerrAscend is in a position to maintain that 1% status!

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